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Yoga Journal’s: Yoga Remedies for Natural Healing: For Beginners [VHS]

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Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden guide viewers through five yoga sets to relieve common ailments. While they do warn that these movements are designed for minor ailments (of course, if your ailments are more serious, you should check with a physician) and do not replace a doctor’s consultation, these simple and gentle movements should help alleviate aches and pains associated with stress, indigestion, fatigue, headache, and back problems. The video begins with conscious breathing, which is helpful no matter what your complaint. Then individual problems are addressed separately in five segments of approximately eight minutes each. Props are needed: a wall to lean against, a yoga brick, an eye bag, a strap, a chair, and folded blankets. Yee’s soothing voice, the gentle lapping waves of the beach in Hawaii, and the relaxing yoga positions will help restore your inner peace and reduce your tensions. –Jenny Brown

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